PHoto credit: pete saloutos photography

PHoto credit: pete saloutos photography

Hi. I’m Karen Sella, and I’m here to wake you up and tuck you in to your most luminous, splendiferous Self—the person that you always, already are, but sometimes forget to be—the You at the heart of your being who is positively wise, compassionate, and powerful.

I’m here for deep sighs, high fives, LOLs, and OMGs. I’m here from “Uh oh” whoopsadaisy minor catastrophes to “Oh no” curled-up-in-woe major melt-downs to “Aha” creative sparks and strokes of genius to “Uh huh, oooooh, aaaaah, ta-da, yeah, baby" doing the happy dance (you know that you have one).

I'm here to teach you to dance with your inner guru until your each and every step blesses the world with your unabashed, inevitable, and inextinguishable brilliance. 

Because you're brilliant.

Just in case you've forgotten. And if you're currently basking in your fully realized brilliance, feel free to flap your magnificent wings, strut your stuff, and appreciate my amazing grasp of the obvious.  

Let's be luminous together.

As in bright, shining, radiant, lucid, clear, brilliant, glow-in-the-dark, light-up-your-life-brighten-the-world-go-forth-and-shine luminous.

Even when the ground of all that you know shifts and crumbles.

Even when you feel lost, broken, and alone.

Even when life sucks. I'm here to help you find your happily-even-after. 

Because that is what I do.

Want to know how?  Here's what we do...

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Karen E. Sella, MA, CYT, LMT

Karen Sella is the founder of Luminanda, a holistic coaching company offering integrative practices for illuminating and amplifying the greater good within, between, and all around us. Her work is based on a transdisciplinary background in organization psychology, psychotherapy, expressive and somatic arts, as well as over twenty years of experience engaging people in individual, community, and organizational development. 

Prior to launching Luminanda, she worked as a management consultant within boutique and Big Five firms, and also served the social sector as a manager, therapist, and fund developer.


Karen completed her M.A. in Expressive Therapies from Lesley College as a participant in the first graduate program to integrate all of the arts in psychotherapy. Her training with Shaun McNiff, Mariagnese Cattaneo, Paolo Knill, Peter Rowan, Julie Leavitt, and Susan Spaniol in the pioneering field of Expressive Arts affirmed her interest in integral human development—multiple perspectives, intelligences, states, and modes of being—as a profound way of nurturing life-affirming connections with self, others, and the world. Karen also earned her bachelor’s degree in Organizational Psychology and Fine Arts from Springfield College, a small liberal arts college known for its commitment to educating the whole person—spirit, mind, and body—for service leadership. 


In addition to her master's degree training in Dance Therapy, Authentic Movement, and somatics, Karen is a Certified Yoga Teacher (C.Y.T.) who has been studying and practicing yoga for more than twenty-five years. Along the way, she has been gratefully inspired and influenced by the teachings of Sri Aurobindo, Ramana Maharshi, Georg Feuerstein, Sivenanda Saraswati, Hameed Ali, Dennis Waite, Joseph Goldstein, and J. Krishnamurti—to name just a few. As a young adult, her hatha yoga practice was enhanced by hands-on instruction from Mary Lou Weprin in the Iyengar method. She is also grateful to Ganga White and Tracey Rich of White Lotus Yoga Foundation for deepening her skill in contemporary instruction, as well as the many other yoga teachers and peers too numerous to name who have taught her along the way.

She is also a Licensed Massage Therapist (L.M.T.) who received training from Port Townsend School of Massage in Western massage therapy (i.e. classic relaxation, deep tissue, clinical treatment, and sports massage), and complementary training in Eastern bodywork from the Acupressure Institute, forms of massage (i.e. Acu-Yoga, Shiatsu, Tui Na, Marma, and Thai massage) primarily based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.


In addition to her formal education and training, her professional life is also enriched by her upbringing as a Third Culture Kid. "Growing up global," she was raised on five different continents, and educated in international, public, private, and home schools. This formative experience gave her a deep appreciation for the many different ways of being human in the world, and inspired a lifelong enquiry into how we can have a better experience of human being together.